Social Media Marketing

Social media is a way to build brands, increase awareness in the market and hence increase market share and boost company’s revenue in the long term.

Not every social media platform is created equal, depends on your target audience, you may need to shift your focus on particular  platform. As a rule of thumb, in Hong Kong, most Facebook users are in the age of 25-34, and for Instagram, the age of users tends to be younger.

If you are marketing to the Mainland China, tools like WeChat, TikTok are probably the most popular platforms.

In Creative New Media Marketing, we will find the best platform as well as the best ideas for your target audiences, that includes but not limited to look for influencers to show case your products on the their channels, blogs, stories and etc.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved:

a beauty brand invite a KOL for service testing

a beauty brand invite a KOL for product testing




Others thing can be done:

  • Leads generation using chatbot automation
  • Product listing for eCommerce websites/app
  • mobile apps download and etc…..

Chatbot examples which can help maximize your campaign CTR and open rate.