Why you need to search optimized your site?

How do you do SEO by Yourself (Part 1)
October 10, 2014

Why you need to search optimized your site?

Search engine marketing these days are very common and for some industries, one need to spend a lot of money to advertise online. So my question is how do you reduce the online marketing costs?

In this blog post, we are going to discuss a method called SEO (or search engine optimization) which not only will reduce your online advertising cost but also it’s a good method to get more targeted audiences to your website which will convert into sales or a newsletter sign up depends on your needs.

Now in this series of reducing your online advertising blog post, we are going to discuss:

  • What search engine optimization is?
  • how do you manually do SEO for your site – part 1
  • how do you manually do SEO for your site – part 2
  • Tips to choose an SEO company if you decide to outsource the task
  • How CNMM can help your businesses with a special seo offer

So what search engine optimization is?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a method to push your website keywords search rankings in a given search engine. The ultimate goal behind is to get more targeted traffic to your website without paying a dime to the search engine company so it can reduce the online advertising costs for your company as well.

seo ppc differentiation

Other benefits of SEO

Besides of the advertising costs, SEO may also bring the following benefit to a company:

  • More Targeted Traffic – some studies found users will click on the left hand side listing than the right hand side paid listing on a search engine (typically 70% on the left vs 30% on the right) thus given you more qualified leads for your business.
  • Create a Positive Brand Image for your Company – some users will be impressed if your site can be listed in the top of search engine among a keyword and thus create a positive brand image of your company.
  • Longer term of Free Traffic – if done properly, the effect of SEO will be last longer than a paid search advertising.

Drawback of SEO

However, SEO also have drawbacks, for example:

  • Needs a longer time to see the positive effect – generally speaking, one needs 3  – 6 months before they can successfully rank a website higher in a given keyword on a search engine. Compare to search engine advertising the effect is almost immediate.
  • Calculation of the website ranking on search engine may change frequently – that’s why you may need a SEO agency to keep it up, since some search engines like Google will change how they calculate the website ranking all the time. And you may need to some one in long term to tackle these problems.

Although there are drawbacks but when the cost per click amount is so huge (e.g. $30 – $100) per clicks, it may worth a while to try out some SEO campaigns yourselves, and see how much money you can save for your online advertising.

In our next series, we will discuss how you can handle SEO yourself.

About the writer

Proson Cheng, a certified Search engine optimizer by searchenginecollege.com in 2007. He has 7 years experience in SEO and helped many websites that can rank top 10 in Google worldwide. To find out more about him, you may add as a friend on his Facebook profile here.

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