How do you do SEO by Yourself (Part 2)

How do you do SEO by Yourself (Part 1)
October 10, 2014
Online to Offline (O2O) Case Studies
October 21, 2014

How do you do SEO by Yourself (Part 2)

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Last time we quickly mentioned how do you can do SEO by yourself – On Page SEO, this time, we are to talk more about off page.

As a quick recap, On Page SEO is about optimizing site structure that includes but not limited to:

  • the content you put on the site
  • the programming language you use, either flash or javascript
  • how easily is the search engine can access on your inner web pages from the home page etc.

This time we will spend more time to talk about Off page SEO.

What is Off page SEO?

Off Page SEO targets to optimize the link profiles of the targeted site. When I am talking link profiles,  I am referring on how other sites link with your sites and what kind of anchor texts (the texts that are put on the links, e.g. click here on an email you opened) they put on. Search engines will use your link profiles to calculate how it will be ranked when a user type in the search enquiry boxes. The higher your site link profiles scores, the better chance that your site will rank top spots among a user search enquiry.

So how Does Search Engine Calculate the Link Profiles Scores?

Before I move on, let me explain a concept of “An Authority site“. An authority site is a website that has a high public awareness and also people tend to trust the content it shows there. In a practical way, if  users constantly use it as a citation source on their articles, essays or reports, then it will be an authority site. Some examples of authority websites includes (but not limited to:)

  • a U.S government website e.g.
  • a U.S. college website e.g.,
  • a well known news website such as etc

So if the link profile of a web site has a link from the authority site (like those described in the above), it will have a higher chance of obtaining a higher score on the search engines when they calculate website rankings among user enquiries.

The Other Linking Factors

Apart from a link from the authority site, the other factors that affect your site rankings will be:

  • the text that put on the links (i.e. the Anchor texts).
  • the attribute of the link (e.g. do follow vs. no follow).

When I talk about anchor texts, I mean if the link texts contain the keywords you wish to optimize for and also the link attribute is the attribute you  put on the HTML code of a link e.g. rel=”nofollow”. These factors  will also affect your site keyword rankings as well.

Some Important Notes on the Other Linking Factors

However, some SEO professionals will suggest the distribution of anchor texts and do follow or nofollow attribute on a link must look natural in the eye of search engines. For example, it is believed that if you put 70% with your most important keywords and 30% with other less important but still relevant keywords will be better if you just put 100% of your links with your most important keywords. But this distribution percentage remains an arguable figure in the SEO communities.


For off page SEO, it will be much easier to do it by yourself for those who are less technical competent, but you will still need some HTML programming knowledge and also able to spot which links are “do follow” and which are “no follow” and if there is any redirection on the link to block the search engines access.

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What’s Coming Next?

Next time we will talk about what you need to do or (be careful of) before outsourcing the SEO projects to someone else. So stayed tuned!

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