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Are you looking for an Online Advertising Adwords Agency? We can help!

Here is a list of reasons why you should hire us:

  • No hidden fees 100% of  your budget will be used on advertising channels. Unlike some other online advertising/marketing agencies in Hong Kong, we don’t deduct a percentage of your budget for our handling fees and hence our fees structure are 100% transparent.
  • Flexible Contracts – you can choose how you would like our help, for an ad hoc project to a monthly consultation. We are here to give you a professional advice.
  • Experience in variety of markets  – have handled various industries before,e.g. beauty, retail, trading, education, wedding and etc.
  • Bonus free re-targeting setup* – let your ads to be shown to your targeted audiences over and over again for free.

Our project flow

PPC Process - cnmm - digital agency Hong Kong


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