Online to Offline (O2O) Case Studies

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October 14, 2014
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Online to Offline (O2O) Case Studies

One of the buzz word when comes to digital marketing today, probably is “o2o” meaning “offline to online” or “online to offline”. Basically it means bringing the traditional business into the online world by combining the traditional marketing and online digital marketing into what many other call “omni channel” or Integrated marketing.

In today posts, we are going to discuss some of the case studies on how o2o can actually implemented locally and globally.

Running an eCommerce site in parallel with traditional store

This is very common nowadays in Hong Kong especially rent here is so expensive. Every company wants to build a store and attract more visitors to shop online rather than go to their stores. Some industries are very effective on this one, that includes fashions, catering, entertainment and travel.



Facebook + trade show campaigns

I guess almost everyone in Hong Kong today has a Facebook account and when you walk into trade shows especially the consumer focused ones (e.g. wine festivals, travel expos, book fair etc) the exhibitors will ask you to “like” their pages to receive free coupons, samples and sometimes a gift. They are doing this because most likely they want to get more exposure, and also get more consumers to think they are part of the brands.

This is one kind of O2O strategy. The other kind can also be use Facebook or other forms of digital media to drive traffic to the trade shows and finally get a sale from it. One example is when I worked for an electrical appliance company as an eCommerce executive, they gave out free expo tickets on their Facebook page and one particular person  showed up  and became their customers!


Immediate Audience interaction with Mobile Apps

The most successful company that use mobile apps to interact with their audiences perhaps is TVB. In couple of years ago, TVB started to use their TVB fun apps to create lots of interactive games with their audiences during a program broadcast. That includes a “public election” of their annual Miss Hong Kong Pageant, a choice of ending of a TV drama series such as Line Walker (使徒行者) ,and answer some simple quiz questions during a broadcast of the “Avengers” movie and so on.




How to implement O2O strategy for your company?

To implement O2O, at least you will have a store or a physical location where your business is currently operating. It doesn’t matter if it is an office, an upstair store, a booth in a trade show or what we called a “格仔鋪“.   To further develop the strategy, feel free to talk to our consultants and see what we can help .









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