Mobile Application Developement

Why You Need to Develop a Mobile Application?

  • Widely used – according to the Government statistics, one person has at least 2 or more phone numbers or services, and of which about 70% of the users are subscribing 4G services. In other words,  7 out of 10 people in Hong Kong are using a smartphone which is able to install a mobile application.
  • Easy marketing – a mobile device is very handy and the user can carry it no matter where they go. Therefore it becomes a more popular marketing tool among merchants. To use a mobile device as a marketing tool, one way is to develop an app and let users to install it on their mobile devices and then companies can send real time notifications to their users and customers  within the mobile application and tell them if there is a major event taking place such as alerting the users about latest news, shop discounts nearby, software upgrade and the progress of handling their complaints etc.  
  • Relatively Affordable – compare with traditional marketing, using a mobile app as a marketing tool, is much more affordable. It is because in general, the application can be reusable in a long period of time whereas in traditional marketing, advertising slots must be rebooked and fees must be repaid again and again.


Why us?

  • Affordable: as an example, our latest project costs more than 50% less than our competitors with the same functionality and design that the client wants and the client is very happy for what we have done.
  • Professional: our team of experts are very competent in iOS/Android app developments. In fact, our clients include:
  • Post project services: we offer phone, email, or on-site if you need to help to install or even troubleshooting.

So want to try building a mobile application?


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