What Does Pokemon Go Mean to Local Businesses?

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July 17, 2015
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What Does Pokemon Go Mean to Local Businesses?

Pokemon Go finally has arrived in Hong Kong this week  and more than 200, 000 searches on the first day of its launch.  Now as nearly everyone in the city is talking about and playing with it, as a local business owner or a marketer, how can you leverage such an opportunity and create massive traffic for your businesses with virtually zero costs? In this article, I am going to reveal some behaviors that I’ve observed in these few days.

  1. Demographics:  This is pretty wide. From primary school students to people that are of age 40 or above are playing the games including both genders. Usually the gents and boys are smarter on this (no, offensive ladies).
  2. Lots of opportunities: There are a lot of people hang around if there is a Pokestop or Pokegym nearby. (More on this in a moment)
  3. Encourage walking and exploring your communities. This game encourages walking (not jumping on a car and driving or for a ride. It won’t work)  to hatch the “eggs” so Pokemon trainers may get some unusual monsters for pokegym (basically it is for players vs players battles).
  4. Pokestop and Pokegyms: The trainers can get gifts or supplies such as pokeballs, incense, lure modules, revive etc at the pokestop so that they can catch more pokemons, attract them to come or “resurrect”  their monsters if they die during the players vs players battle in the gym.

You’ve already known that, if you do please read this section

So what are Pokestops and Pokegyms?


They are the “blue circle” thing on the map in the game. Trainers can also install modules on it such as the lure modules to attract pokemons to come so that trainers can sit back without walking around to catch them. Also, when a lure module is used, other trainers (players) can be benefited from its effect.



They are the huge towers on the map in the game. Trainers can take over the gym if it is empty and they can only get inside if they are in level 5 or up.

Inside Pokemo Go, everyone can choose their own team. The Mystic (blue) , the Valor (red) and The Instinct (yellow).  Some claims the mystic has a lot of members in it so it is harder to win over them. However, it is still new here so may be you can tell me to clarify this.


The Lure module

The lure module is purple thing you see on the picture the top of the page. The purpose is to attract monsters to the every trainers around the area so it helps to drive massive amount of free foot traffic to your place if it is used. The lure module can be only installed at the stop and it doesn’t cost much.  Trainers can obtain the lure module freely sometimes through spinning the circle on the stops but if they don’t have the lure module and desperately want to catch more monsters,  then they’ll buy it using the virtual currency called pokecoins.

A lure module costs 100 pokecoins, and 100 pokecoins costs around HK $8 each and the lure module is effective for 30 mins. However, you can also buy in 8 packs of lures which costs 680 pokecoins and you can buy 14,500 poke coins for HK $788. So if you do the maths, one hour of lure modules will cost around HK $10, which means you can use it to attract more trainers to your place without much investment.

I did a test in a time, and attract few people into the place that I am using the lure so it pretty a cool tips for you if you are selling cold drinks, or nice comfortable place for them to sit in without waiting under the sun.

Of course it is just only 1 tip, what about the others? I’ll discuss the tips later.


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