Government Distance Business Program – Things to Know Before Applying

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March 7, 2019

Government Distance Business Program – Things to Know Before Applying

The government distance business  program (D-biz) is opened for application starts from May 18 2020 to October 31 2020.

The main aim of the program is helping local registered companies that are not public listed in the stock market to upgrade their existing, develop, rent a new information system that assists their businesses growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each registered company Hong Kong can apply only once and no more than 3 IT projects at the same time. If application succeeds, you will be granted a  maximum total of HK $ 300, 000 and HK $ 100, 000 each IT project that generally fits in to the following categories:

  1. Digital marketing,
  2. Online or mobile store/payment system, payment system can be integrated to offline stores
  3. Online or mobile booking, reservation, delivery system
  4. Digital customer experience enhancements including the use of chatbots, AR, VR or MR.
  5. Internet Security enhancement
  6. and many others custom made or existing IT solutions that can benefit your company’s growth or reduce its operating costs.

Things You Need to Know Before Applying

  1. Your company must be registered in Hong Kong.
  2. Your company must be registered before January 1 2020.
  3. Your company is not public listed, a statutory body, nor a NGO funded by the government.
  4. You must provide any supporting documents that proves it is running and not a stall company. Examples of supporting documents: recent audit report, tax return, or service invoices.
  5. The grant is not covered any business operating costs that include but not limited to office rent, staff salaries, MPF, travel expenses and etc.
  6. Your projects must be related to what your company is doing, e.g. a private tuition company plan to offer an e-learning system for their students.
  7.  Your project will be granted only if the project is not yet started before your application is accepted.
  8. Your project should be finished in 6 months or less.
  9. The government grant allows you to buy monthly subscription software or hardware but they must be related to your project(s) applied and the grant will only be for 6 months once approved.
  10. The D-Biz program allows to buy existing software or new hardware but you must prove that they are necessaries for your project(s) applied.
  11. If the cost of project applied is more than HK $ 30,000, you must appoint an independent licensed auditor to oversees the overall project costs and provides an audit report to the government body. The fees for appointing in such case is covered by this grant.
  12. You must prepare the application form, agree the terms and have at least 2 quotes from different vendors that do not have conflict of interests among themselves.

Things to Know Once Your Application is Accepted

You will be granted 30% of the project costs as the initial start up, and the remaining balance will be given only once your project is completed.

What we can help

We can help you setting digital marketing campaigns or development any online/mobile store, booking systems that meets your business objectives. Kindly contact us now by filing a form in the right side, for a free quote.

We also can help submit the application for you but you need to provide other’s company quote, include our quote in the application and select us as the service provider. Otherwise, a consultation fee may apply. Kindly contact us for details.

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